Just Beam It and Do Not Commute

Since 2012 telepresence robots have been for sale, and although they are too expensive to big bought they promise to do your work for you, so it is expected that these robots, in a future, could replace you when you have other commitments or when you are sick. The real question is, if you cannot meake it to work, should you buy a robot to make uo for your absence os is it something big companies should provide for?

The telepresence robots allow you to be remotely present. It is a robot, with wheels and a screen that allows fluent conversation. With this robot, you can use your computer and be whatever you want, as you can easily command it. Your presence will be there for sure, and if you have work due to deliver you can just beam it instead of going to work. It appears this will be the system of a not so far future.

The idea of the telepresence robot is to open new doors to remote workers giving them the opportunity to work anywhere and to show their presence at the workplace. It is already being used in tech companies and it is proving to work so far as it allows movement and constant videoconferences.